about us

Watch me Rise are 4 guys from Frankfurt am Main.
After a quiet few months in the Watch me Rise camp for some time, they could take the time to make a big step forward with their debut EP "Of Anxious Minds and Sleepless Nights" towards the end of 2018.

The following headline tour across Germany together with "RCKLSS" from England was a great success. It also was received really well outside of their state and had a great deal of attention.
A new line-up - new style - an own mixture of emotional post punk and post hardcore. Not only the emotional lyrics show how much blood, sweat and tears the guys put into their songs, especially live they radiate a lot of energy and emotion.

They could already show this as support at shows for bands like "Annisokay", "8 Kids", "Unleash The Sky", "Why Everyone Left(IT)", "Noija (SWE)", "Halflives (FR)", "Elm Tree Circle" and many more.

Looking forward to 2019, listeners can be curious about a band that has recently become a real insider tip on the (alternative) Frankfurt music scene and beyond. New songs, a lot of shows and the odd festival appearance promise an exciting new year and a hot summer.

Watch me Rise 2019


  • Pyramid Strings
  • Wagner Visuals
  • HOLM


09.03.2018 - Paula Music Night, Offenbach // First show with Chris (Bass) and Sven (Drums)
16.03.2018 – Z10, Karlsruhe (Support for Hausnummer7)
17.03.2018 – Club Voltaire, Neu-Isenburg (Support for Indigo Sleep)
23.03.2018 – Blaubär, Haßloch
19.05.2018 – Juz, Waldshut-Tiengen
20.05.2018 – Schanz, Mühlheim (Support for Why Everyone Left [IT])
09.06.2018 – Kommune2010, Offenbach (Day-OF Festival)
07.07.2018 – Raus Ausm Keller Festival, Egelsbach (With Smile and Burn, Elfmorgen a.m.)
14.07.2018 – AK44, Gießen (Support for The Pariah)
24.08.2018 – Museumsuferfest, Frankfurt
14.09.2018 - JuKe, Kehl (Support for IMMERSE [UK])
12.10.2018 - Forum, Mannheim
13.10.2018 - K9, Kassel
14.10.2018 - Schanz, Mühlheim
15.10.2018 - P8, Karlsurge
16.10.2018 - Trauma, Marburg
17.10.2018 - Hamburg, Astra Stube
18.10.2018 - Berlin, Double H
19.10.2018 - Noisenburg Festival, Neu-Isenburg
20.10.2018 - Keep Moving Festival, Göppingen
23.11.2018 - Luftkeller, Hof
24.11.2018 - Rock Club U Kanara, Jirkov
25.11.2018 - Die Insel, Jena
08.12.2018 - Nautilus EP Release, Juz, Langen (With Acres [UK], Nautilus and more)


12.01.2019 - Juku, Aschaffenburg (W/ Aches)
18.01.2019 - Exzess, Frankfurt (Josh's 25th Birthday Bash with Dispeller and more)
19.01.2019 - Juz, Rheinfelden
22.02.2019 - JC Vizit, Antwerp [BE] /// RESCHEDULED
23.02.2019 - Gonzo Cafe, Ninove [BE] /// RESCHEDULED
29.03.2019 - Naumann's, Leipzig (Support for Napoleon)
20.04.2019 - I45, Zug (CH) (W/ Invoker & more)
26.04.2019 - Goldene Krone, Darmstadt (Tour with The Pariah)
27.04.2019 - Balada Bar, Prag (CZ) (Tour with The Pariah)
03.05.2019 - JKZ Scheune, Ibbenbüren
(Tour with The Pariah)
04.05.2019 - Astra Stube, Hamburg
(Tour with The Pariah)
05.05.2019 - AK44, Gießen
(Tour with The Pariah)
10.05.2019 - Azyl, Liberec (CZ)
(Tour with The Pariah)
11.05.2019 - Club Novitatis, Dresden
(Tour with The Pariah)
18.05.2019 - Kakadu, Limburg
29.06.2019 - Burning Down Fischbachtal Festival, Odenwald
06.07.2019 - Nonstock Festival, Odenwald
24.07.2019 - Support for Listener (US), Kulturclub Schon Schön , Mainz
27.07.2019 - Skate Rock Bash, Marburg
31.08.2019 - Raus Ausm Keller Festival, Egelsbach (/w Trash Boat (UK), Lygo (DE), Skywalker (CZ) uvm.)